in Cannabis?

Cannabinoids and terpenes have many differences. Terpenes are natural essential oils that determine how things smell and taste. You experience them all your life!

There are at least 20,000 different terpenes and the cannabis plant contains more than 100.

Both indica and sativa plants have terpenes. These terpenes help determine which plant, or strain, you have. The types of terpenes in the plants can even tell you if it is a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid.

One of the most important terpenes to know about is Myrcene. This terpene has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Any strain that contains more than 0.5%

Myrcene is considered an Indica, due to the calming effect of Myrcene when combined with THC.

Sativa plants contain less Myrcene and sometimes high concentrations of Pinene. Pinene also has anti-inflammatory properties, but it also raises your mood.


Humulene is good for people who want to reduce their appetite and benefit from antibacterial properties. Caryophyllene can cause your marijuana to have a peppery or spicy smell. This terpene can be good for people who suffer from anxiety, depression and inflammation.

Linalool is best for people who want a relaxing and stress relieving experience. This terpene can actually help reduce anxiety about THC. As mentioned above, terpenes determine the way we perceive taste and smell.

Often people choose their favorite strain by the taste or smell of the flower. If you know which terpenes are dominant in that strain, you can easily find other strains with that same flavor profile.