Robbie Hageman


When I was told in 2019 that I was incurably ill my world stood still for a moment. That’s a blow, as a father of three. Then you start thinking. How do I want to leave this world? What do I want to leave my children?

Through my sport I have learned never to take one step back. A fighter always goes forward because he knows that’s where his chances are. So I decided to gather all my energy together and leave something for my children, but also for you. The  passion of my sport comes from a burning desire to be the best and to get everything out of myself, both mentally and physically. My drink is the embodiment of this.

I don’t look to the past, but choose to live in the now and be the best version of myself! I hope you do too and I promise my potion will help you do just that.


During a mandatory MRI scan, two-time world champion Hageman was accidentally discovered to have a tumor. Despite the fact that his doctor told him that he would never be able to fight again, he himself always believed in stepping into the ring one day.

Meanwhile, the malignant tumor in the back of his head has been removed. A small piece was left behind that could possibly grow. After a recovery period, the doctor had good news. The tumor had not grown and is not expected to grow in the next few years either. Robbie sees this as a second chance and is currently training hard for his comeback.